Beautiful private beachside yoga studio for weekly yoga classes and teacher training.

Initially many yoga students are drawn to yoga for the physical application of yoga poses and the many health benefits on our body. 

Yoga Dolphin Point Ulladulla has regular Yoga Teacher Training Australia

By combining the flow of the posture sequences with breath awareness

we work on the nervous system and as a result we discover mental and emotional changes

and we find a sense of happiness and self reliant contentment.  

It is that BODY MIND CONNECTION that brings about the

PROFOUND SENSE OF WELLBEING that really is the benefit of yoga in our modern lives.​

Welcome to Yoga classes and Yoga Teacher Training at Dolphin Point

you can choose to come to the studio

or join yoga classes online

Monday 9:30am & 5:30pm

Thursday 9:30 am

Friday 9:30 am

Yoga Dolphin Point Ulladulla

Yoga with Himani

The Vinyasa style Yoga

synchronises breath and movement through flowing sequences of postures,

cultivating breath awareness,

physical wellbeing and inner stillness.

phone 0438143979

Vinyasa Yoga class at Dolphin Point, Ulladulla, NSW 2539

​Yoga Teacher Training Australia